My Journey to Losing Weight

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It was my first time to require my students during a laboratory practical exam in Biological Science to focus on a slide using the Low Power Objective (LPO) then the High Power Objective (HPO) next. I thought this was a better way of conducting a practical exam. I could tell if they were listening during my pre-lab lecture and gained the skill of focusing on slides by themselves. What I was not prepared though was how ‘breathless’ I became walking from one table to the next to check their slides. At the middle of the practical exam, I was literally out of breath and sweating profusely! We have two AC units on and the weather outside our laboratory room was cool. When the laboratory session was over, I only have a few minutes to catch my breath before I have to go to my son’s school to review him on a grading test.

As I was driving to my son’s school, I kept thinking what happened since I gave birth to my youngest child. She will be turning three and I am nowhere near my ideal weight. In fact, I am 40 lbs overweight! My BMI says that I am nearing the obese BMI for my height and age. And it’s not a pretty sight! I have bulges in places where they are not welcomed. I even went to the extent of blaming my thyroid glands and thought I might have hypothyroidism. To make sure that I was right and have ‘something’ to blame, I went for a medical check-up. I was wrong. I have no hypothyroidism but my blood sugar levels were on the upper limits. My LDL (the bad cholesterol) was above normal. Although my triglycerides and HDL were all normal, this became a cause of concern for me. My father just went through three heart attacks and has a heart pacemaker. Both parents have a history of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. What was I thinking? I have four small children and I don’t want them to be motherless!

I am writing this because a goal not written down is only a wish. I am writing this down to remind me that I owe it to my children and hubby to be healthy. And I am writing this down because I owe it to myself to be healthy.

As I begin my journey to health and wellness, I am reminded of a quote that says that to be healthy IS a CHOICE. Today, I am making that choice to be healthy… So Dory- I will keep on ‘swimming, swimming, swimming’.


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