New Years Resolution

For many years, I have stopped writing down my new year’s resolution. Not that I don’t believe in one but I have set too many unrealistic goals that I have lost count of those that I have not kept!


But this year is different. I am bent on improving my own and my family’s life. I have now have four kids and raising them up would take some extraordinary skills and talent from an otherwise ordinary mom like me!

1. Write everyday. Write in my journal or blog about my kids’ activities so I won’t forget what they are like when they are very young.

2.  Continue reading one or two books each week with Danielle and Joshua. Read to Jojo and Daphne.

3.  Create a scrapbook for each child. Write down their accomplishments the entire year.

4.  Plant with the kids. Create a backyard garden.

5.  Read the scriptures with the kids everyday.

6.  Take a family vacation each year to a new place. Document the vacation.


I’ll stop to number six. They say that new year’s resolutions should be shared. I am sharing this in my blog so I would feel some accountability at the end of the year.


Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 bring us more happiness, peace and contentment.


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