Saying Goodbye

I won’t use the word hate because it is a very strong word. Rather, I’ll use the word ‘dislike.’

I can’t say I dislike you because I like you, I really really like you… Every time you flaunt your bright red color and bright rays of light are turned on to you, the more I dislike you because you are taunting me and killing me softly with your oozing appeal. What is it about you? Is it the terrible heat that makes me crave for you? Is it when the kids are sleeping that I secretly open the ref and look for you? Why can’t you simply disappear from my life and leave me alone peacefully? Why do you have to remind me of your existence? The advertising executives are of no help. They are paid to brainstorm- and oh- they are mightily successful in doing just that. Produce a really bright idea after brainstorming for days… And what do I get? A more thoughtful (not insightful) advertisement luring me to like you again!

So today (for the nth time), I am going to dislike you for the right reasons. First, I have to let you go for my health. I don’t want my hubby to look for a madrasta the moment I’m gone because of sugar overdose (read: diabetes). Madrastas have a bad record of taking care of kids from another mother. Second, I have to let you go for my kids. My kids see me as their example. I don’t want them to copy this bad trait (yes I know, I’m a terrible mom). Third, you are really getting expensive for a past time (read: habit). Fourth, I hate goodbyes but this time- it is for real… No ifs, no buts… so to my dear ex-drink, all things have their endings. Please don’t cry- I am only one among the millions of your consumers. This won’t hurt your executives’ moolahs…

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