My thoughts on Japan’s Earthquake

I was on my way to Danielle’s school to pick her up from her class which ends at 4PM. I was passing by a small sari-sari store when I saw on the news the devastation that just happened an hour ago in Japan. To say I was shocked was an understatement. My first thoughts were on my my brother and his wife who were living in Okinawa, Japan. When I went home, I immediately received a call from my husband who also learned about the news and asked me if I can contact my younger brother (Peping) and ask him if he is ok. We could not contact him and so we called his mother in-law. We were relieved to hear from her that my brother and his wife just called to tell them that they were safe.

I opened my FB to see if friends from Japan are also safe (Grace, a classmate in College and my HS closest friend’s younger brother’s family).

Later, I just learned the extent of the Japanese people’s discipline and patience in times of adversity. I was awed at how they could learn to be calm in an event that would send people from other country go amok. Despite the long hours of waiting for train stations to resume operation, they still manage to form long neat lines. Not a single one was complaining. All were helping each other in a very difficult time. I am impressed that they were well-prepared to deal with an earthquake. What they weren’t prepared for was the tsunami that engulfed coastal villages. When relief goods finally arrived, people who were hungry and cold and one could just image, very tired too- still manage to patiently wait in long lines. This people’s resilience is amazing… Just how many people possess these traits?


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