Character of the Week

I only admire a few actresses and actors in the industry because I’ve never been a follower of Filipino movies until recently. My negative perception stems from trailers of slapstick movies and etc. However, I got to watch ‘Crying Ladies’ with Angel Aquino as one of the actresses (with Sharon Cuneta and Hilda Koronel) and the story impressed me for its realistic view of our society. Then came other quality Filipino movies that were beautifully and artistically done by our esteemed directors. For today’s post, I am sharing a video of Angel Aquino. I did not know that she became a scholar in high school. I knew she went to U.P. in Baguio. So, here’s Angel as my character for this week:


One thought on “Character of the Week

  1. Nice Bin! Bright pud baya ang ato mga artista. You should try the indie films, you will see how intellectual the stories are. It is sad that the Filipino audience are used to watching Pinoy action flicks, drama and bold movies.

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