I thought I’ll be happy only when I earn this or that degree, have numerous letters after my name, travel around the world or lead an organization. I thought I’ll be fulfilled only and only if I reach my dreams. My children taught me otherwise.

Just this moment, my little girl is wearing a nice pink hat that barely fits her head. She had this hat when she was 9 months old. She is looking at me with that sad eyes begging for me to buy her a lollipop. My son is at my back, fixing a piece of flat playdough at the top of my head. He is mimicking his older sister- he also wants lollipop. An hour ago, I was breastfeeding jojo who likes to climb to my stomach while feeding. I was cuddling Joshua on my left and Danielle was on my right side. I paused- shouldn’t this be happiness? Isn’t this fulfillment?

Tomorrow, I’ll be repeating the same routine- soothing a child who just scraped his or her knee and kissing it to drive the pain away, embracing each child before he or she sleeps, reading a book and listening to the stories they have to tell and all other details that get repeated every day. At the end of the day, the sweetest reward is when a child says ‘I love you mama’ before closing his or her eyes to sleep… This is happiness.

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