Finally– a movie!

I finally got to watch a movie with Josh and the hubby yesterday! The last time we watched a movie was several months ago- Toy Story 3 with Danielle and Josh.

It’s so refreshing to just sit and relax and let the big screen do the entertaining. The movie is fun, not serious and does not require your cortex to do a lot of connections to decipher each plot and how they relate to real life. It was simply splendid. We had a good laugh throughout the more than one hour movie… While I like movies that require you to think and be philosophical (at least for a moment), I want to leave that experience to books. Now, I simply want to see movies to be simply entertained.

I won’t discuss the plot of Gulliver’s Travels- and be a spoiler but you have my word that it’s fun for a family entertainment! Go- watch it!


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