This is going to be a blissful week!

For the first time in many weeks, I feel so rested on a Monday! Wish all Mondays will be like this. Before I dream on, I am reminding myself that I have a deadline to meet and will submit a project tomorrow. But I love how the day began. I tutored Danielle with her lessons free from interruptions and from thoughts that I have to hurry up because I have a deadline to meet. I’ll begin weeks like this- uninterrupted, free and relaxed. Not that I’m not going to work like crazy when the kids sleep, but just to take projects one at a time.

Good news for my little girl- she did well in her last major exams. I really felt bad on her second quarter because I was not able to tutor her as frequently as I should. My hubby reminded me that my most important work is not in making money (where did it all go?!) but in molding my own children. I changed and I am satisfied with the results.

This afternoon, I am thinking of watching Gulliver’s Travel. It’s amazing how me, a certified movie buff, could let months roll on without watching a movie! It’s strange but I don’t crave for movies anymore… But I’ll see if I can squeeze in movie time between groceries and fetching Danielle from class and taking her to ballet school.

I have no classes the entire week because it’s university week. I’ll enjoy this week while it last!

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