Sleeping Habits

I admit that next to food, I love to sleep- but that was during my student days 😦 Oh, how I miss those days. Today, experiencing a 7 hours uninterrupted sleep is already a luxury I can’t afford! Really- it’s a luxury in my end to get a full 7 hours sleep. For instance, I am blogging now because my body clock is telling me that I should have slept at 10 in the evening but since I chose to write and write– it’s now punishing me. I can’t sleep.. The truth is, I had to catch a deadline (on line gig) and because of the time difference, I had to submit it at 12 midnight. If I can’t go to sleep by 10 in the evening, I would be literally awake counting sheep until 2 in the morning. So it’s 1:18 in the morning now– I still have 48 minutes to count sheep… 1, 2, 3….. Have a nice sleep everyone! I’ll continue counting in bed….


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