Define Happiness in One Word II

Today, I’ll define happiness in one word: Tablea!

Almost all Filipinos everywhere could relate to the frothy, thick, steaming, dark chocolatey hot drink that looks like this:

It’s been around two years since I last tasted this native drink. We were in Dumaguete and were treated to an extra chocolatey and rich version of this Filipino drink. Tablea (or tablets) are made from the cacao plant and formed into small round chocolate tablets that could be melted with boiling water.

My lola is an expert on making this rich chocolate drink and uses a wooden spatula or egg beater to completely melt 5 to 10 tablea in boiling water. The result is a rich and satisfying drink. We love to pair this hot drink with suman or gelatinous rice either early in the morning or during a rainy afternoon. Oh, how I miss my lola’s tablea! It rained early this afternoon and I have been thinking about this tablea or tsokolate drink. I don’t know where to buy it here in Bacolod. I am sure one of the wet markets is selling tablea! I did not see any of these in the malls here…. Ah– when will I have my tablea/tsokolate drink?

Photo credit: Squidoo


2 thoughts on “Define Happiness in One Word II

    1. Thanks sa comment te cris! 🙂 oo, hot choco sa jollibee kay lami baya pero lahi ra giyod ang tablea bah? mingaw na kaayo ko ana oi- di ko kabalo asa paliton dinhe sa Bacolod kay di man sila kaila og tablea dinhe te cris

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