Happy New Year!

My parents went home early today… They were here for the holidays… I miss my mama and Papa! Wish I could be the little girl again in our old house, counting down the seconds before the clock ticks to 12:00 midnight. I would remember my parents sternly reminding us not to go out of the house when all our neighbors fire up their crackers. They’re afraid we might get hit by stray fire crackers or worse, by stray bullets! We would stay in our home- all of us seven children, eating up the food leftovers in the earlier New Year’s eve dinner. We would tell stories until the wee hours of the morning and sleep.

Mama and Papa at the 'Ruins' during New Year's Eve

How time flies! Now I am a mother to three kids and would be building our own family tradition for my little children to treasure when they grow up. Well- the new year’s eve was not that remarkable for my three little children who slept through the noisy fire crackers in the neighborhood. It went on for a full 45 minutes! While we love to watch fireworks, we did not bother to wake them up. We just found out that Josh gets really scared of loud firecrackers.

This year was interesting– the merriment lasted longer than expected. I am guessing that the year 2010 was relatively prosperous in the neighborhood- almost everybody bought and lighted up firecrackers. It was not like this in the new year celebrations we spent in Bacolod.

To everyone- HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish 2011 for you and me would be prosperous and full of peace, contentment and joy.

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