Danielle’s Christmas party and Ballet Dance

Danielle had her first school Christmas party last Friday and they presented the nativity scene. She was an angel with three others. It was really very nice to look at all 16 of them at Nursery Cherry class perform the nativity on stage. Here are some of her pictures:

Smiling Angel
The Nativity by Nursery Cherry Class
Danieille with her teacher mel and chinese teacher janice and her classmates
Christmas gift
With Darah, her best friend

Mama is here for the holidays and she also attended Danielle’s Christmas party.

We had a full schedule for Danielle. She had her Christmas ballet presentation too during the weekend:

I don't know how to change the setting, hence the poor resolution
With the proud Lola and Joshua
Danielle with Daddy and Josh

The ballet presentations were beautiful. Danielle’s age group presented A night before Christmas and they had stuff toys as props. The older and advanced classes really danced beautifully. I just love watching ballet dances. Personally, I think it’s one of the greatest art form ever created. Don’t you just love how they make dancing look so supreme and effortless?


6 thoughts on “Danielle’s Christmas party and Ballet Dance

    1. gusto konohay niya mag ballet- niya usahay ka ga tantrums- di mosayaw!… pero ipa continue lang namo kay nice tan-awon mga ballerina pag modako

    1. ang dance studio nga enrolled si danielle kay ga offer pud og jazz and hip hop… Ipa try si pristine grace- lingaw baya tan-awon mga bata!

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