Random Post

May 25, 2010

Today is Joseph’s birthday…. and I have to postpone my birthday gift for him until the first week of June- (when I get my money from my freelance job). I’m planning on buying him a watch– he needs one, although I am sure he would say he doesn’t need it (because he has this gift watch from a company, etc.)… My husband is such a minimalist and always place the needs of others (his family) before his. To Joseph- Happy birthday! We love you very much. And yes, I’m getting you a nice watch in two weeks.

Earlier, I was reading a blog on running a marathon. I wanted to run in one! I know it would take long hard work- but it’s time I have to take control of my weight (I’m currently 139.99 lbs and at 5’ 4 1/2’’- I’m seriously overweight- isn’t that so bad for my little children???). Time to shed off the excess pounds and stop blaming it for post pregnancy weight gain.

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