Danielle’s Ballet Culminating Activity

I have been very busy this past days- the whole family is. J. just had an appendectomy this Monday and had the whole family worried. But he is doing fine now and was out of the hospital the other day. I have to take the kids to see J at the hospital. The pain began during Danielle’s ballet class culminating activity last Saturday. He was admitted on Saturday night and operated on Monday. Good thing that he already stayed in the hospital the whole day of Sunday since he was not showing the usual signs and symptoms of appendicitis.

Anyways, I am posting here a cellphone video of Danielle dancing with her class to ‘Following the leader’ from Walt Disney. She’s the first girl on the second row. It was so much fun to watch all the little kids from different nursery classes show what they learned during their 6 weeks summer class. It was a simple activity meant to train the children to perform on stage and get over with their stage fright. Next month, we will enroll her for the regular classes. She just loves to dance! J and I are glad to see her happy with ballet.


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