My Ballerina

To use the phrase “my ballerina” is too presumptuous considering that my little girl has just started to take her ballet lessons. But I’d like to call her that way… On the last week of March, we enrolled Danielle for summer ballet lessons. Before summer, she would watch little ballet dancers in the computer and barbie movies with ballet dancers and mimic them. I thought, before she turns four and starts Nursery class, she should have ballet lessons. During the first two sessions, she wouldn’t dance! She was so shy that she would even cry without me in the same room. However, on the third day of class, she started to warm up to her classmates and teachers and began to dance. Last week was a milestone. I could now leave her alone in the ballet room without her crying for me.

I’ll post pictures of her dance class as soon as I can take pictures. Danielle loves to dance and I’m happy that she did not inherit my very limited dance skills. She would not even take off her ballet shoes or costume once we reach home!

While I am not and never will be a dancer, I think ballet is one of the supreme human art ever invented. I hope Danielle will continue to love dancing because her mommy and Daddy will be there to support her.


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