Gotta Do those Pushups!

A few days ago, I was chatting with Grace and asking her about the really nice capri-like pants for exercise. I remembered seeing it in one of her exercise pictures in her blog. And I thought it really looked so nice and comfy. I got interested in those pants because I just bought a pair of running shoes almost two weeks ago. It costs a bit of money but I love how it fits perfectly and feels so light on my feet. But oh well- the shoes still has to meet it’s friend called dirt! So while I am thinking and imagining myself doing my exercises and shedding off the post maternity pounds– I remembered the capri like jogging pants. While chatting with Grace, she sent me this exercise tips (and I’m posting it here so that I won’t forget it). I would try it this week (wish me luck!):

20 seconds of pushups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds of squats
10 seconds rest
20 seconds of lunges
10 seconds rest
20 seconds of prisoner squats
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of jumping jacks
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of torso twists
10 seconds of rest
She says to do three cycles of this list to get a good workout (kaya kaha nako noh??).
Anyways, I will be buying those nice comfy capri pants and wish that it won’t gather dust in one of my shelves!
Grace also sent me an elimination diet pdf article on the right kind of food to eat. It was very informative and affirmed things I always believed in (but don’t exactly translate the belief into actions).
So here’s to hoping that I could hit the road, jog, and practice three cycles of the home exercise (wooohoo!)…
And hope that one day (wish nalang kay walaý bayad) I would like this (hep hep hurray):

5 thoughts on “Gotta Do those Pushups!

    1. Hello myk! Atong online raket kay makapatambok– sige lang ta lingkod while others have to get up, get dressed, walk around (a lot). Atong exercise kay lakaw paingon computer, dayon sa ref! hehehe (kuha ra tubig oi, di ba?)

  1. In case you’re running, don’t do at steady state as you will easily get bored and it’s not geared to lose fat fast. Do interval training.

    Like warm up for 2 minutes, sprint for 20s, walk for 20s then sprint again for 20s. Do this cycle 8-10 times and you’ll burn fat 9x better than normal jogging!

    If you’re curious, you can google “Tabata protocol” so you’ll know I’m not making this stuff up! 🙂

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