Why can’t little boys play with doll houses?

This question is similar to why can’t infant boys wear pink booties or cute pink shirts? I asked myself these questions because my sons have either worn a baby pink receiving blanket or has at a number of times played with a doll house. By the way, I haven’t allowed Josh or Jojo wear pink booties though.

Because Danielle has a doll house and because Josh and Danielle would want to play on one single toy almost every time (yes- fight over one toy), there would be instances that Josh would play with Danielle’s doll house. Did I ever stop Josh from playing or at least diverted his attention to toy cars? Well- No.

My reasoning is simple. The segregation of toys to one gender or the assigning of colors as only for girls or only for boys are both social constructs. People (and parents) expect pink colors to be worn only by girls and blue colors to be worn by boys. Doll houses are for girls and cars are for boys. (BTW, I’m adamant that dolls should only be for girls). Most (me including) are afraid to mix things because we don’t want boys to grow effeminate or girls to be masculine. While I respect gender roles, and would want my boys to be boys, I don’t see anything wrong with boys playing with a cooking set or a doll house. Don’t you like men who stay at home as their schedule allows, clean the house and cook? If Josh likes to play cook or play house- I woudn’t mind. If Danielle likes to play with race cars (and she does)- I woudn’t mind either. I find it empowering to see women join car races. I have also allowed my youngest son to wear a pink blanket apart from his all blue receiving blankets. It was a gift from my boss who thought that I would be giving birth to a girl.

How about you? Would you allow your child to defy social expectations?


6 thoughts on “Why can’t little boys play with doll houses?

  1. terter dear… i even had Dre wear pink pajamas and he’s not even bothered with it… hahaha… alangan 3 months old pa gud… i agree with what you said… basta badlunga lang jud ter kung makita na nimo si josh or jojo na mag cross dress…. XXXX. big no, no na kana….

  2. It doesn’t matter what you think or do. Once the child goes to school other children will enforce strict gender rules. Example might be that girls want to have long hair because girls have long hair and boys don’t. That’s how you can tell a boy from a girl as a 5 year old girl explained. My own son expressed the notion that I was gay because I crossed my legs while sitting. Only females do this so therefore I must be gay. Good logic but utterly incorrect. Boys want to be boys and girls want to be girls. That said, the fact is that parents do the same thing and treat boys and girls differently. Example might be if a child is hurt. The mother will say don’t cry Johnny be a little man. He is taught to hide his pain by his mother. Whereas if a girl is hurt she gets MUCH more attention. But why wouldn’t anyone want a “masculine” girl? A girl who is taught to achieve rather than be submissive.

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