Why Breastfeed?

I’m a breastfeeding mom- and I’m proud of it.

The other week, I was looking for a particular advertisement on baby’s milk with the Dads as the promoters. I thought it was a cute ad. Done three or five years ago- it used a common tag line “it must be the milk!” The advertisement I am referring to features a group of Dads on a car ride commenting on how their one year old could do this and that. In the end, they all agreed that the milk must have something to do with their child’s intelligence. I was thinking of doing an article on the link between formula milk and intelligence. While looking for that ad, I saw the ad at the end of this post instead.

The documentary is a big eye opener. Personally, I’m disturbed with the statistics- only 16% of mother’s in the Philippines breastfeed their babies. This means I’m one of almost two out of ten mothers who breastfeed their babies. Certainly, something is deeply wrong with our culture, the way milk companies advertise their products and how the government promotes breastfeeding. Tackling these factors would be beyond this blog’s aim. However, if I could just convince one mother to breastfeed her baby- then that would be enough fulfillment.

My Experience

Before I became a mother, I was already convinced about breastfeeding. When Danielle was born, I had to go through raw and bleeding nipples just to breastfeed her. The same was true with Joshua and now Jojo. I also have to learn to be discreet in public when breastfeeding. Because I want to breastfeed 100%, I had to give up my job (for at least 6 months) every time I give birth and start breastfeeding. These sacrifices were so small compared to what my children and I gained from the experience. What were the benefits?

Huge Savings

Any mother could attest how costly it is to buy quality formula milk for babies. The expenses could easily rack up to Php 3000-4000.00 every month! This is not counting (yet) the cost of milk bottles, soap for washing and water and electricity for sterilizing the bottles. The ancillary cost would be around Php500.00. In short, I saved at least 3500-4500 a month because of I breastfed my babies.

My babies seldom got sick when I breastfed them

I could not remember Danielle getting sick when I fully breastfed her for 10 months. Josh had only two fever episodes all the time I was breastfeeding him for 8 months. Jojo is now almost 5 months and he only had a fever once. I’ve read from many articles that breastfeeding protects our babies from sickness, most of the time, because we provide them with the needed antibodies to fight off infection. Second, we avoid infection related to improper washing and sterilization of milk bottles.

Breastfeeding is convenient and saves time

Imagine not waking up at the middle of the night just to prepare milk for your little one. I know it’s very tiring to do just that. However, I was able to avoid it because all I have to do is get the baby and breastfeed. Ofcourse it’s another story when the baby cries and wants to be cuddled and swayed before sleeping back.

Breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child

I think this particular benefit of breastfeeding is the one that I like the most. I’m sure other breastfeeding moms would agree that the moment you look into your child’s eyes and he/she also looks into yours all the while you are breastfeeding is a moment that is priceless. This is one instance where you will begin to understand what motherhood is all about.

Before I end this post, here is the ad that is part 1 of a documentary. It’s approximately 7 minutes but I hope you and I could spread the word and tell other women the importance of breastfeeding.


7 thoughts on “Why Breastfeed?

  1. I’m also a strong advocate for breastfeeding having breastfed my daughter since birth until she was 22 months old. Now, if only I can claim all the money saved because of breastfeeding for almost two years! 🙂

    I had to be away during daytime when Pristine was 6 months old but I pumped and had milk bags ready since she was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and could not take any formula milk.

    It was a great experience for me and my baby and if I have the chance, I won’t have any second thoughts of breastfeeding again.

    Great post, mommy Bin!

    1. Hello grace 🙂 korek! asa naman to atong na save per month sa gatas bah? hehehe… seriously, this is one legacy we can pass on to our children- to have them practice the same thing with their own kids…

  2. Here in our place breastfeeding are often use by many mothers since they were quite busy with their jobs, household choirs, etc.But when i become a mother if ever i’m home I breastfeed my son not because it is cheaper but because I strongly believe that Breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child.

    1. Hello Kimberley 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your experience. You are exactly right about breastfeeding strengthening the bond between us and our child(ren).

  3. I am FOR breastfeeding. I believe working moms can still breastfeed. When I got pregnant, one of the first things I bought was the pump because I was determined to breastfeed. A very busy colleague of mine was able to make it 100% breastfeeding (and able to perform and publish numerous research papers).

    Unfortunately, I am 1 of 5 women who are not able to breastfeed. For some reason, there is nothing to feed no matter what I do. My doctor had to console me when I was teary-eyed when he told me I just simply can’t.

    So, for mothers who are able but chose to not breastfeed, I simply don’t understand any of their reasoning. Bin, Grace and Kim, I consider you lucky!

    1. Hello byang! thanks for commenting :-)… Sa ako, babies should be breastfeed by their moms (if they are able to)- and you are very right about working moms still being able to breastfeed. Ga breastfeed man gehapon ko when returning to work. Ga pump lang then e ref.

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