Photos of my daughter’s Hemangioma

Danielle at 2 days old
Danielle at 3 weeks
Danielle at 2 months
Danielle at 4 months
Danielle at 10 months
Danielle at 1 year
Danielle at 1 year and 8 months
Danielle at 3 years and six months

4 thoughts on “Photos of my daughter’s Hemangioma

  1. So that’s what it is called. My mother had that kind of birthmark over part of her left eye. In her case it did not totally disappear and when I was in elementary she had it surgically removed but after a while it came back a light pink and not as noticeable.( specially with foundation)

    With or without the mark my Mom was beautiful, intelligent and kind. Her remarkable generosity of heart has touched the lives of so many people that has blessed me and my siblings to this day.

  2. You are very lucky that your daughter’s hemangioma went away. I also have a beautiful little girl who is plagued by a hemangioma but it’s on her ear. Much less noticeable then right in the middle of her face. My daughter is almost 4 now and her’s is still pretty big. My daughter, Shya, is oblivious to it and for that I’m thankful. Shy’s is more swollen although it does have areas that are the deep red. Her doctors are hopeful that it will go away on it’s own but it may take 10 or more years if ever. You are correct your daughter is beautiful with or without the birthmark. I’m thankful that her’s cleared up so well. It gives me more hope that maybe my daughter’s will go away too. If it doesn’t it’s ok though. She’s still beautiful.

    1. Hello Nicki, thank you for taking the time to comment! yeah, most hemangiomas go away on their own. We can even opt for laser surgery if it doesn’t. Don’t worry, Shya’s hemangioma will go away too. we just have to wait a little bit. Danielle still has her mark but not as noticeable as before. In the meantime, we’ll celebrate the wonderful blessing of being the moms to our beautiful girls 🙂

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