Frugality Day

Last year, I made a decision to get hold of our family finances.

It was a tough because it means I have to translate willpower to concrete actions. My husband’s habit of recording our finances prove to be a driving force in analyzing what, how and where our spending goes. He does this to track our credit card expenses. Yes, we have credit cards and my reaction to this plastic thing is mixed. First, we pay our dues on time. Which means, we don’t have any surcharge. In fact, we ‘benefit’ from the credit card companies through earning freebies such as movie tickets, jollibee and KFC free meals and gift certificates. Second, I must admit that getting into the habit of using credit cards do drive our expenses more than what should be spent. Remember the 0% installment plans? It lures you to get goods now when the correct thing would be to save and buy.

My drive to be frugal stems from true understanding of frugality. It is not being kuripot (tight wad), nor depriving yourself of essential things. In fact, it is the act of managing money in a way that would allow you to enjoy the essential things in life. Frugality helps you stay out of debt, practice wise spending habits and save for the future.

Since early this month when I decided to resurrect this blog, I’ve been thinking of making every Friday a frugality day. This means I would write articles on frugality or finance and document my journey to financial freedom. I hope I could make good on this promise. I know this would be a struggle.

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