I grew up on Batibot

I’m one of the generation who breath and live on Batibot. I would remember coming home quickly just in time for my afternoon dose of Batibot. It was also a time where internet has never been heard of, let alone the word ‘texting.’ My parents also were not yet introduced to the issue of questioning media as a form of learning instruction for kids. They would just allow me and my little siblings to watch Batibot. It was educational. I learned so many things from the show. I presumed that my siblings learned too. We were allowed to only watch a handful of shows, Batibot including. It was also a time where kids were more active. We had no internet and so we played with real persons, played patentero, bato-lata, chinese garter a and a host of games on the streets.

Today, Batibot is gone.

There are no more shows of this kind in Philippine television. I believe it has to do with the networks favoring advertisements and the cash it generates than being of service to the Filipino children and feeding them with educational shows. In place are imported cartoons that fail to promote Filipino values or at least instill in children a love of one’s country. While some of these shows do have moral values, they can’t compare with the power that a show like Batibot could have on once upon a time children like me.

I limit the television time of my children. But I do wish that one day shows like Batibot would once again grace our television.

2 thoughts on “I grew up on Batibot

  1. Hello patrick! thanks for dropping by… oh yes, I saw it advertised on TV 5. I hope my children will like it too. I’m regulating their TV watching- so I think they’ll watch it during vacation only…

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