I won a gorgeous top for my baby!

Two months ago, I entered a contest hosted by my very good friend grace and guess what? I won! I won a really cute little blue shirt with a Japanese tea inspiration design from lily and pete!

Cute shirt!

Another view

This online store has a fabulous line of shirts for your little ones. I really recommend that you should check it out. I could not believe how ‘big’ my three month old baby looked like when I put the shirt on.

Isn't he adorable?

I got hold of the package two days ago and could not contain my excitement on winning a giveaway (for the first time!).  I am not very good with contests or raffle draws/giveaways so this comes as a wonderful surprise for me.

Thank you Anita! 🙂

So to Anita, THANK you very much for my kid’s cute shirt 🙂 and thank you for doing the giveaways over at sandier pastures.


3 thoughts on “I won a gorgeous top for my baby!

    1. hello terter! yes, ter, nice giyod kaayo ang shirt… plus it’s a giveaway! ganahan lagi kaayo ko… by the way, sige nako update sa akong site. Sus, maka adik man oi… si rabel giyod ang nagremind ani- kun wa ko niya ge remind, di ko mobalik og blog blog… although nagplano ko maghimo unta og lain. pang family blog

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