Noynoy or Manny?

May is just around the corner and for the Filipino people- it is one event that would have a profound impact on the next six years. So who would you vote for? Noynoy or Manny? IF the SWSS is to be relied on, the presidential race is just about Noynoy or Manny with both presidential aspirant eating most of the pie. Noynoy has 32% of the votes while Manny has 30%. And the rest? they are languishing behind.

Why am I writing about politics when I’m supposed to be sharing my experience as a mom… The answer is simple, whoever wins would be determining the political climate in which I and my children will thrive in the next six years. And I honestly believe that in recent times, we finally have a line up of formidable, articulate and proven candidates. Who can argue Noynoy’s rich heritage? or Manny’s sipag and tiyaga route to millions? Oh, don’t miss Gibo-you should listen to how explains and talks during presidential debates in Universities. He is just one man who is not only articulate but knows what he is talking about! He always wins mock elections of the students.

So back to my question, would it be Noynoy or Manny? My answer? None of the above. I am voting for Gordon and Bayani team-up. Yes, the transformers no less. These men earned my admiration. Both are implementors , they walk their talk and most importantly, both are hardworking and visionary. I think today is the opportune time to elect leaders who will pave the way for each citizen to be responsible for his future, to dream and make those dreams a reality.


2 thoughts on “Noynoy or Manny?

    1. hello grace!! hehehe, lagi- abi gani nako ge erase na ni sa wordpress akong blog… ge resurrect ko lang ni para sa akong mga chikitings- ma sulat pud nako unsay nahitabo nila… Yes, I hope we would have a good president this time. It’s time for the Filipino people to wisen up.

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