Christmas 2007 FoodWishes

One of the blog site that I visit often is marketmanila because most entries are all about food… There was one entry there about writing your Christmas Food Wishes for Christmas 2008.

So here goes my wishlist for this Christmas and wishfully thinking that they are all laden with 0 calories!:

1. Extra juicy and tender roasted native chicken with honey or calamansi and soysauce dip

2. Bagnet (still have to taste one)-it’s a native delicacy in Northern Luzon. Cooked almost like Crispy Pata (crispy leg of a pig preboiled with herbs and spices until very tender then deep fried and served sizzling hot)

3. Bicol Express (made from alamang– tiny salted shrimps, coconut milk, little pork, gabi leaves and plenty of small chili)

4. Pancit molo soup (a native delicacy from Ilo-Ilo and Bacolod)

5. Lasagna! (hope its top layer would be really rich and creamy)

6. Cookie monster chocolate cake

7. Devil’s cake (still have to taste one- heard so much wicked raves about it!)

8. The dark chocolates of South America

9. Extra tender Pochero (beef tenderloin boiled for 2 to 3 hours the old way with vegetables)

10. four season vegetable with oyster sauce


5 thoughts on “Christmas 2007 FoodWishes

  1. Hello marketman! wow- this is a really pleasant surprise to have you visit.. Ooops! yeah- it was Christmas 2007 food wishlist, hehehe… I forgot to mention that it’s supposed to be a ‘year’ later wishlist! you really have a wonderful site. thanks for posting all those ‘yummy’ articles.

  2. I will not dare look at that food site! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great food wishes. I can’t think of anything for Christmas right now. I have to think first what to prepare on Pristine’s 4th bday 2 days before Christmas!

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