Christmas Carols in October!

In the Philippines, one could hear Christmas carols played in the malls, in public transportations, Carinderias (small food stalls), restaurants, on television- and virtually all places as early September (!). Once the “ber” months roll in, you would instantly expect DJs in radio stations to start digging their Christmas DVDs or CDs and play them on air or overhear really audible Christmas carols from the neighborhood. And to top it off, some households begin decorating their houses with Christmas decors and colorful lights intertwining their roofs, door, balcony, trees, gates as early as October. And oh, not to forget the neighborhood kids who sing Christmas carols as soon as November sets in (right after Halloween)- while waiting for you to come out and give them either goodies or money.

I love Christmas. Especially when the colder air in the evenings brings a welcome respite from the humid air in this tropical country. People also are gentler during Christmas time. But, I would love to celebrate it on December. Not on September, or October- or simultaneous with Halloween! While I really like to listen to Christmas carols, hear beloved Christmas stories, Reminisce the Nativity, Celebrate the Savior’s birth- I would be very happy if at this time of the month I cannot (not yet) hear Christmas carols. While I see nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas this early; personally, I feel the anticipation for that Christmas morning is gone after the marathon celebration from September to December…Don’t you think we are celebrating the season quite early?

But then, I don’t think the Savior ( the reason why we celebrate Christmas) would mind.

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