High School Meme

I got this from grace (sandier pastures) and would like to try it too. So here it is:

Who was your bestfriend?

I had many best friends in high school who remained to be my close friends more than 15 years later! We still update each other with the latest happenings and write, chat and visit. We were the happy group. Carefree, laughing at the corniest joke.

What kind of car did you drive?

Only 17 years olds in our country can drive under a student license. We usually finish high school at 16. I don’t have a car when I turned 17 too! (laughs)

It’s Friday night. Where were you?

Either watching a movie or at home watching late night documentaries

Were you considered a flirt?


Were you in the band, orchestra or choir?

I was the pianist in the school choir.

Were you a nerd?

I belonged to a Science high school but we were not nerds. We were loud, ordinary kids who love to climb hills and eat fruits from a deserted orchard.. Our quiet city has yet to be invaded by malls and traffic then.

Who was your favorite teacher?

The English teacher Grace mentioned was really a good teacher, then our moderator/teacher- who was our math teacher and adviser.

What was your school mascot?

We have none.

Did you go to the prom?

Oh yes, I did! Our Physical Education final grade was based on the prom. No one asked me out to the prom. It wasn’t cut up to be that way. We were paired according to height. Unfortunately, I was the last in line and the senior boys was one person short by number. So- you guess it, I was paired with a classmate who, like me, was an “extra” body in the line.

Did you go to school with anyone who is now famous?

I have a classmate who became city councilor. I have a schoolmate who is (still) with the U.P. Madrigal singers- one of the best in the world.

Did you have a job your senior year?

I taught private piano lessons

Did you go to a senior trip?

Yes, I did. Grace and I are classmates in high school. We went to the same high school trip in a nearby city.

Have you gone to a class reunion?

Every December, most of my classmates who now live abroad would come home. We see to it that we see each other and catch up!


4 thoughts on “High School Meme

  1. Hello grace!,

    maulaw ta anang first line na comment… Aino Sanchez is still with the madrigal singers. His older brother was also one of the madrigal singers.

  2. Hi A. welcome to my blog. Oh yes, you might say our prom was quite boring. We were there to practice ‘social skills’ learned during physical education classes. Not because some guy asked us out during prom. One guarantee that you will have a prom partner is if you are short, first in the line (according to height). You will surely be paired with a senior guy!

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