Bacolod Masskara Festival

You can feel the festivity in the air by just driving around the “City of Smiles” that is Bacolod City. Held every October 19 ( or third week of October), ‘masskara’ or mass of smiles festival draw tourists from all over the Philippines and other countries as well. Often pulsating with vibrant colors, gaiety dancers and smiling masks, this festival colorfully displays Bacolenos warmth, smile and hospitality…

This would be my first time to witness this almost 30 years festival. I’m quite excited to take pictures of all the colorful masks crafted from paper (paper mache) to be paraded under the heat of the sun by dancing Bacolenos next week. And for a start, I’m posting here pictures of Paper Mache masks hanging on the walls of the restaurant where we had dinner last Friday.

dsc04242.JPG dsc04241.JPGdsc04243.JPGdsc04247.JPG


4 thoughts on “Bacolod Masskara Festival

  1. Hello TNP!

    Oh yes, it gets more colorful during D-day. There would be hundreds of dancers on the street gyrating to synchronized drum beats whose faces will be covered with masks. Since there will be a contest on the best group with the best masks, one can expect that there will be an outpouring of creativity and color during the festival.

  2. Hello grace!

    Yes- the masks get more sophisticated especially during the parade day! Currently, there are 10 really huge masks on display in one convention center here. Since it’s a contest on the best mask, you would expect that it would be extra colorful, creative and sophisticated. The catch of the contest- is, anyone who can produce the most colorful mask wins. Then there will be the parade on October 18 or 19 with hundreds of dancers wearing colorful masks.

    oh yes- I don’t know if pristine would love the masks. but I’m sure she would have lots of questions when she sees the ‘masses’ of faces covered with masks.

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