Last Friday night, me, Danielle and Joseph went out to dinner with an old Friend- Riki. We met each other in Manila 5 years ago when we became classmates in a graduate program. We bonded when papers we turned in for one of our modular class ended up with almost identical titles! No- we weren’t plagiarizing each other’s work, but more like telepathy I think. So, we became partners during our practicum in a non-government organization, in paperworks and remained as good friends after the program has ended. Every time I would be in Manila for a seminar, we would see each other and simply catch up… When he contacted me a few days ago that he would be visiting my place for some work, I was just excited to see him and show him (for the first time) my daughter. We might see each other again at the end of this month when Joseph and I, with Danielle in tow, will go to Manila for a short business visit… I am writing about him because he will be leaving soon for Canada… (Yes, another story added to the Filipino diaspora- something that I’ve been seriously contemplating on joining too).

Here’s a picture of Danielle and me with Ricky (we couldn’t bring danielle to smile in front of the camera this time)


Another picture of me and Danielle (and with Joseph):

dsc04230.JPG dsc04231.JPG


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