Clearing the Cobwebs!

Can’t believe how long I’ve been away from the blogging world! In fact, I could almost see the cobwebs in this cyber corner.. I’m really touched by the concern of TNP- so now, I’m back!

There were at least four people close to me who celebrated their birthdays last month and last monday.

My brother Rey celebrated his birthday last September 25… He has three kids with his little girl an exact replica of my little old self! I think it has something to do with her inheriting my genes (laughs) that she became my favorite niece. I miss spending time with her and her older brother ( this was before the youngest child in the family came and before my own Danielle) watching Walt Disney movies and eating out and playing in the children’s playground. This just made me realize how time flies by so quickly! And back to Rey- I miss our long talks.

Chem, an old college friend also celebrated her day last month and last monday- Leila, one of my oldest bestfriends and Cathy, a college close friend also celebrated their birthdays. In one of my musings, I realized how precious time is. If you have the time to be physically together with your family and closest friends, spend it like there’s no tomorrow because when the time comes when you have to leave each other and live miles apart- all that you will be left with are memories… While technology keeps us connected- there’s still a difference between the real and cyber world.


Danielle’s update at 1 year and 2 months:

My hubby has been continually telling me to document Danielle’s new developments. While I’ve been keeping track in my journal, here are the latest:

*   When she wakes up after her afternoon naps, she goes down the bed by herself- really quietly- and just surprises me by grabbing my shirt- and then looking up and flashing her sweetest smile! ( I was so startled when she first did this because I was so engrossed in typing something in the computer). The second time she did this was after flashing that smile, she then waved when I said ‘hi.’

*   Knows how to use the keys in the house. She inserts them to door knobs as if she can turn the keys and open the doors!

*   can articulate some words like “dadi, mom, or ma-ma, dog, cat, ta- if she wants to go out- na-na if she means no, hi, elow”

* walks and walks some more around the house

*   points to the dog in her alphabet book when asked to

*   winks at cute guys (didn’t teach her this) and waves at beautiful saleslady whenever we are in the mall

*   knows how to open and close color pens (water-soluble) and writes them in the floor, on the walls and on papers


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