Do You Love Music?

My piano teacher is now more than 80 years old and yet she is the same person I first saw when I was 8 years old… I thought she never grew old. The last time I saw her was during the holiday season in 2005. It’s amazing how a lady who devoted her entire life to music could still reflect the same grace and serenity she exudes when she was younger. After exchanging pleasantries, she asked me if I still play the piano. I answered I do. She then replied, “Never leave your music.” Reflecting on what she said, I think music is one thing in my life that would never take a backseat. And this is because of teachers like Mrs. Valdehueza who has touched and inspired not only me but others to pursue their passion… It might not be my bread and butter- but it is the substance that feeds the heart. If there is one person in this world that I should be thankful to (aside from my parents)- It’s my piano teacher (and 3 others who taught me for some period) who passed on the love of music.

By the way, my favorite Philippine choir (The Philippine Madrigal Singers) scored a victory by winning this year’s European Grand Prix for choral competition held in Italy. Listening to them is akin to listening to choir of angels! They are renowned in the world with a number of International grand prizes in their wing. Their voices are simply amazing…The first time I heard them perform was when I was in Manila earning a graduate degree… To my surprise, one of the members (Aino Sanchez- a great tenor) was a co-alumni in High school. I thought he can’t remember me- and since I was seated in the front, he saw me during the rehearsal and greeted me. It was a pleasant surprise that after almost 10 years, he can still remember somebody he went to high school with. He has no airs- very down to earth and kind.

Before ending this entry- I’ll paste the url of some of my favorite pieces sang by the madrigal singers including the pieces that won them the international grand prix:

The madz singing What a Wonderful World

Circle of Life (from The Lion King)

Wind Beneath My Wings (please disregard the movie clip in the background- can’t connect why “that” video was chosen as a background)

The Madz singing We beheld Once Again the Stars (during the European competition), Revoici venir du printemps


4 thoughts on “Do You Love Music?

  1. Hello TNP,

    Oh yes- my teacher is one inspiring woman… Thanks for dropping by! Hey- it’s not too late to learn how to play the piano. I read in one of your posts that you play guitar professionally. As long as you love music- it wouldn’t be too difficult to learn another instrument.

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