The Best Things In Life… (Part 2)

I like things in installments (just because I don’t have a lot of free time these days!)

1.   Clean scent after the rain in rural areas

2.   An unexpected letter

3.   Realizing that your childhood neighborhood remains the same

4.   Stumbling upon old Hardy Boys books

5.   Listening to classical music

6.   Vintage stamps

7.   Long trip in rural areas with endless vista of rolling mountains and seashore on one side

8.   Children playing

9.   Newborn baby

10.  highschool memories

11.  Enjoying an extra cold avocado or mango shake at high noon day during summer time

12.  Fresh, clean bed sheet with good-smelling fabric softener

13.  Finding yourself at the middle of a huge blooming flower garden!

14.  Getting lost in a maze of books

15.   Eating your favorite meal leisurely

16.   Long talks at the middle of the night

17.   Long chats with old friends

18.   Hearing your favorite tune over the radio

19.   Listening to the Beegees

20.   Listening to music from the 80s

21.   Watching great Dance Films

22.   Watching musicals made for movies

23.   Having a clean bill of health

24.   Overhearing a nice comment for you

25.   Children’s choir!


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