The Best Things In Life…

The last two words of the title should read ‘are free,’ but I’m taking the liberty of making my own list:

1.   A good book in a cold, rainy afternoon with hot choco (make that my grandmother’s tsokalate made of tablea- homemade cocoa drink).

2.   Driving to school with no traffic!

3.   Or, commuting to school with virtually zero traffic

4.   Danielle’s sweet smile

5.   Danielle napping beside me while holding my arms

6.   My husband giving me chocolates

7.   A porky’s best chicharon treat from my hubby

8.   Listening to the best choirs

9.   A movie treat!

10.   Scent of new gift books

11.   Looking out the window at the heavy downpour of rain while comfortably holding danielle at the confines of our living room.

12.   chocolate cakes (cookie monster, blackforest)

13.   Victoria’s secret Pear Glace

14.   Parker ballpens

15.   children’s laughter

16.   My daughter’s laughter

17.   My hubby’s laughter

18.   calls from home

19.   My nieces and nephews

20.   Leaves (plenty of them!) lining up a desserted road

21.   Hanging branches of flowering trees partly covering a long stretch of road!

22.   Sunrise

23.   Sunset

24.   Baby’s smile

25.   A call/letter/email from good old friends


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