Stamp Collection II

My first stamp was a bright green Philippine KKK stamp. KKK (Kilusang Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran) means Movement for Livelihood and Progress, different from the same acronym secret organization in the Philippines founded in the 1890s whose aim was to oust the Spaniards from the archipelago. Twenty three years ago, the stamp, freshly peeled from a letter, looks so new. I’d look at it for a number of times along with its replica. Today, I only have one yellowed copy of the stamp.


From this one stamp, my collection grew to more Philippine stamps. Below is a few of my favorite stamps from my home country.


From upper left, the stamp commemorates the 400th year anniversary of the christianization of the Island. Someone gave it to me and the stamp was created circa 1965. Middle upper is the swearing-in to office of Philippine’s dictator of all times- Ferdinand Marcos circa 1965 while the third stamp, first row shows the first Filipino-Spanish treaty with the stamp created on 1965. Middle row (from left to right) shows the Battle of Bessang Pass on June 14, 1945; the fruits Philippines is known for (our mango is exported world-wide- the flesh is juicy, sweet and mouth-watering!) and the Light Railway Transit which came into being on early 80s. The last row exhibits the 15th anniversary of the Universal Children’s Day by UNICEF. The stamp was produced in 1969.

From Philippine stamps, I began collecting stamps from other countries. I have a lone stamp of Zambia. I can’t remember how it came into my hands but I’m sure one well-meaning friend gave it to me:


Beginning from the letter A, I’ll slowly post representative stamps belonging to countries starting with A and so on. First on the list will be Australia:


And as a post script:

 Courtesty of G of Sandier Pastures, I will be joining Michelle of Scribbit’s Write-Away August competition. Her weblink is:

It’s a good coincidence that I’ve been writing about my stamp collection. Michelle is hosting a contest about anything that relates to ‘collections.’ This is my first time to join the contest bandwagon, so I will be doing this for fun.


4 thoughts on “Stamp Collection II

  1. Hello TNP 🙂

    Stamps are always lovely to look at. They are informative and good way to learn about other countries too… Wow- those WWII stamps are priceless!

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