Of Colds and Loving Care

Last thursday, Danielle and I went along with J. to Canlaon city (yes, the city at the foot of Mount Canlaon- the highest peak in Negros Island, and an active volcano too). I love travelling, and the view was relaxing with endless plains punctuated by coastal areas. While enjoying the countryside, I was also suffering from a stuffy and runny nose while Danielle too had mild allergic colds. I was continually pulling tissues and wiping mine and Danielle’s nose. Because Danielle loves to mimick, I can ask her to release mucus from her nose by simply snorting my own nose and telling her “Danielle, you follow mommy and blow your nose.” 

When we stopped over a roadside in Canlaon City to enjoy the views, I saw Danielle reaching for the tissues. I was about to put it away because she loves to literally eat anything within her reach, but stopped to see if she would really place the tissue on her mouth. And I was in for a surprise. After pulling out one sheet, she placed the tissue on my nose while simultaneously wrinkling and snorting her own nose. She never pulled the tissue away until I ‘blew’ my nose on it! She pulled another tissue and ‘commanded’ me to blow on it again. This time, I was able to quickly ask J. to take a picture of the whole thing….

dsc03999.jpg   dsc04000.jpg   dsc04001.jpg

I was so touched by the concern of my little daughter…Aren’t little kids little angels?


6 thoughts on “Of Colds and Loving Care

  1. I just realized how little children are observant grace… Yes, I knew about how pristine gave you tissues… I know I’ll do the same- cry more if danielle will do that! 🙂

  2. Hello Bing,

    You said it right- that is why I was wishing for a girl as a first baby (twin boys next para maniwang ko! hehehe). Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. hi! amf im not yet a mom but I do feel the gladness and touching when they do little things,somehow If I married and have a family, I hope ganyan din kasweet maging baby ko..:) anyways Thanks for the visit! I added you to my links. Take Care! 🙂

  4. Hello J.,

    That’s one of the beauty in getting settled down and having a baby girl- they tend to be sweeter than boys. But they are closer (usually) to their fathers than moms… I added your site to mine too! Thanks for dropping by again.

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