My Stamp Collection I

Gone are the days of letter-writing. With the internet, it is so easy to get connected to friends that a few resort to snail mail these days. I, for one, communicate with my friends through the world-wode web. But I still long for the days when you wait for the postman to deliver letters for you from pen friends or friends across the sea. Electronic mail cannot fully capture the feel of getting the good old handwritten notes painstakingly created by one’s friends. And ofcourse- the bonus that comes with the letters- the stamps!

I’ve been an avid collector of stamps since I was eight years old. I sorted through mails of my cousins just to remove their stamps, begged from friends or even friends of friends and other relatives to give me their stamps. And luckily, half of my collection was collected this way. Unfortunately, my collection came in trickles when I went to college. I began to be quite busy and just depended on the treasured gift stamps from friends. But, I kept all those.

I love stamps. They are historical and priceless. In my younger days, I had no idea that you have to cut the stamps still stuck to the envelope and soak them in lukewarm water to remove them nice and clean. In effect, I have stamps in my collection that are partly torn. I don’t throw them away because they are still precious to me.

So- to give you a view of my collection, I’ll be posting a few of them from time to time.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Stamps of some flags of nations around the world   Olympic games stamps    

 dsc03956.jpg  dsc03953.jpg

(Part I collection: Upper left is a set of some stamps showing the flags of different nations across the world, while the upper right set is a small collection of olympic games’ stamps. Lower left is a set of Japanese stamps while the lower right is a ‘love stamps’ set)

6 thoughts on “My Stamp Collection I

  1. I agree that email doesn’t capture the flavor of snail mail. I think our emails tend to be written faster and without great care,

    Stamps can be really beautiful. I have some old ones that are lovely—so colorful (smile). You sound like you have some nice ones!

  2. Hello grace! 🙂

    You gave me the japanese stamps in the blog picture almost 10 years ago! I never took it out from the cardboard and cellophane eventhough I had a stampbook and could have removed them and arranged them with the other japanese stamps (sa imo tanan gikan- either ge gift nimo or from your letters). I’ll be posting more of my collection- so if you will see any japan stamps- you would know that they all came from you. Thank you for all the stamps 🙂 (basid, maganahan ka og hatag sa ako og dubai stamps! hehehe)

  3. Hello TNP! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by… I’d be posting more of my collection. Yes, they are colorful and informative too. It’s difficult to collect now because most send emails and no longer resort to snail mails ( oh- except for the bills which come in the mail every month! hehehe).

  4. Hello bing! 🙂

    Sayang- you lost your collection. Mine was kept for a long time because friends kept on giving me their own stamps. Most of my stamps are quite old now but I think it’s a good hobby because I never tire of poring over them if I have a spare time. It proves to be educational too.

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