Love Affair with Chocolates

I’ve always loved chocolates. If you’ll ask me to rank my favorite chocolates, I can’t come up with a graded list because all are equally tempting, mouth-watering and satisfying for my sweet tooth! To mention my favorites: one would be a slice of dark blackforest, a cup or two of extra cold rocky road ice cream and ofcourse- the perennial women favorite (most women I mean) candy chocolates- M & M, Hersheys and Cadbury to name a few . Believe it or not, dark chocolates were discovered to have anti-oxidant properties! The mantra ‘Anything in Excess’ will still hold true for chocolates. Laden with calories with every bite, you wouldn’t want to gobble down bar after bar in a day. Even with its anti-oxidant properties, consuming them in bulk do increase the circumference of our waist and increase our bathroom scale weight.


But despite all these information… I’d still grab my comforting cadbury anytime! And a word of caution- just one little bite at a time- I don’t want to exercise like crazy shedding off all those excess pounds.

6 thoughts on “Love Affair with Chocolates

  1. Chocolates? I am an addict to all kinds…but i do love Ferrero Rocher very much! Believe me, i can finish the whole Rocher Diamond Cut Gift Box (10.6 oz.) in less than an hour…i don’t mind increasing weight when it comes to chocolates.

  2. Hello bing 🙂 thanks for dropping by… nah, magkasinabot giyod ta anang chocolates. Perting lisura man gud snoban nang mga chocolates oi… I tasted Ferrero Rocher only when it was given as gifts but never bought one for me because I find them expensive! hehehe

  3. Hello jhewell,

    Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment on my blog. It’s a nice surprise that you could come and take the time to read my write-ups…. and you’re right- cadburry is really one of the best!

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