Fun Song Factory

My daughter is a long-time consumer of one diaper brand but several days ago while shopping for another set of her diapers, my hubby and I saw the Huggies diapers with a free music DVD. Since she did use Huggies when she was two or three months old, we bought the diapers and played the fun song factory DVD for Danielle. And we were in for a pleasant surprise! Danielle was responding really well to the animated songs. She was tiptoeing and swaying her body to the popular children songs and even clapping her hands and nodding her head.

I’ve read that exposing very young children to classical music, children’s songs or teaching them to play musical instruments enhances their brain development well. They say that kids exposed to classical music fare well in math and abstract reasoning. I’m a big fan of classical music and during my first to last trimester- I’ve been listening to this musical genre. Now that Danielle is one year old, she still hears classical music, but I’m exposing her to children’s songs so she can follow the action songs in her DVD. I am allowing the DVD to teach her the action songs because singing has never been my talent!

BTW, I noticed that most children’s products carry with them a lot of freebies. Milk to diapers now have free DVD/CDs of children’s nursery rhymes, action songs and educational toys. While I think that companies are doing this to lure more customers, I see nothing wrong with their advertisement. At least they are spreading educational materials to a lot of mommies.

Lastly, Huggies did not pay me for promoting their product. It’s just good that they are producing these promotional materials for children.  




3 thoughts on “Fun Song Factory

  1. Hello grace!- correct- I’m collecting all the freebies. I don’t have to buy nursery ryhme dvds or even classical cds because I now have them from enfapro milk formula of danielle.

    Hello bing!– yes, huggies’ is good but we are using pampers right now. I think I’ll switch back to huggies in a short while because of the freebies! 🙂

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