The One Word Meme

I am copying and pasting the following one word meme from my good friend grace and replacing her answer with mine:


  1. Where is your mobile phone?  desk
  2.  Relationship?  stable
  3. Your hair? short
  4. Work? academe
  5. Family? three
  6. Your favourite thing? watch
  7. Your dream last night? confusing
  8. Your favourite drink? soda
  9. Your dream car? toyota vios
  10. The room you’re in? bedroom
  11. Your shoes? flat
  12. Your fears? drowning
  13.  What do you want to be in 10 years? contented
  14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
  15. What are you not good at? singing
  16. Muffin? chocolates
  17. Wish list item? apple-laptop
  18. Where you grew up? Philippines
  19. The last thing you did? teach
  20. What are you wearing? clothes
  21. What are you not wearing? jewelries
  22. Your pet? none
  23. Your computer? Acer-laptop
  24. Your life? busy
  25. Your mood? normal
  26. Missing? movies!
  27. What are you thinking about? research
  28. Your car? Revo
  29. Your kitchen? small
  30. Your summer? normal
  31. Your favourite color? blue
  32. Last time you laughed? today
  33. Last time you cried? forgot
  34. School? done
  35. Love? unconditional

5 thoughts on “The One Word Meme

  1. Hello TNP,

    I’m a beginning/junior researcher in the fields of health and environment. (I think struggling researcher would be the word! 🙂 )
    Recently, I passed a research proposal to a japan-based funding institution and was wondering if I (along with a research partner) would have a chance to be funded. It’s competitve- so we’re crossing our fingers we would get it… Second, while doing the one word meme- I was thinking of a research topic for another research proposal (aimed at junior researchers). So, I’m trying my luck and see if things would turn out pretty well.

  2. Hi TNP- it would be a one year research (for the Japan funded proposal). If we do get funded, the work will be divided between me and my research partner. Their will be fieldwork and a lot of writing. I wanted to go into research because you have a command of your time. You can pay assistant researchers to do the fieldwork (with your supervision) with the rest of the workload to be done at home. Although it would require time to write research reports, it would still give me ampful time to play with danielle since I would be home most of the time. It’s still in the category of part-time work.

    If you are in the academe, it’s a requirement that you stay connected with the research world. I’ve done short-term researches before but never a one-year research yet. So- I’m wishing and hoping- this will push through.

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