Time do fly quickly!

Can’t believe how time flies by so quickly! It seems just yesterday when I endured labor pains (thanks to the hormone injection that began and sped up my contractions) and now- I have a little one year old girl… To date, she can walk a few meters by herself, calls her father ‘daddy,’ points to the dog picture in her alphabet book when asked to, dances to music she hears from her children DVD, bites me whenever she can (teething related), claps her hands, babbles endlessly when you talk to her… I wonder what the coming days would bring for us. New things she will do would be a wonderful surprise!

      dsc03920.jpg   dsc03903.jpg dsc03905.jpg


6 thoughts on “Time do fly quickly!

  1. Belated Happy 1st Bday to Danielle!
    Wish you more bdays to come, good health and happiness!

    Yeah, time really flies so quick! Di mo lang mamalayan, Danielle will be in school na!

  2. Hello TNP 🙂

    You are absolutely right! they grow up so fast… nad yes, they are a wonder to behold if we teach them right. Your little one is very lucky to have you as her Dad.

  3. Hello grace 🙂

    Yes, kids from church… mga 30 kids. There was a primary activity and danielle provided for their snacks- mga usual na ganahan sa mga bata- sphagetti, cakes, hotdog on stick, and chicken.. Nalingaw man siguro ra pud to sila, hehe.

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