ABCD… Danielle’s first alphabet book

It just occured to me that I never bought Danielle her ABC book. In my excitement, I did buy her storybooks (which by the way is now mostly tattered and torn- thanks to her teeth) so she can feel and see the big prints, colorful illustrations and hopefully appreciate books and read them when she gets older…. Yesterday, a family friend of Joseph gave Danielle some gifts including a nice ABC book from Looney Tunes. I think she enjoyed it very much because it has pictures of a goose (drawn looking almost 100% like a Duck) and a puppy- her favorite medium sized animals and an ant- her ultimate favorite.

Earlier, I was pointing to her these animals and she seems to understand the illustrations because she was giggling when I showed them to her and even pointed the goose. Most of the time when we go out of the house, there would be some ducks on the street and J. would take the time to park on the side and let Danielle enjoy the ducks. The little girl absolutely love the ducks! She would babble, point and laugh at them. The same is true too when she sees dogs and even ants. Most especially ants- she would point and stoop to touch the tiny creatures (no worries because they don’t bite)…

And just for memory’s sake, we took pictures of Danielle and her first ABC book!

dsc03740.jpg  dsc03745.jpg


2 thoughts on “ABCD… Danielle’s first alphabet book

  1. Hi TNP!

    Thanks for dropping by— oh yes she is literally absorbing the book ( I wasn’t able to post the picture where she was biting her ABC book)! 🙂 …. nothing beats being a parent. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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