Danielle’s First Steps

Earlier this evening, I was holding Danielle’s right hand while she was walking around our room when I thought of letting her stand on her own. I was amazed to see that she can stand without my aid and until she began taking one, two and three steps before falling down! I was so elated that I called up my husband who is in Cebu for an out-of-town business trip to share the good news! I tried on letting her walk again- and she did. This time, two more steps until she walked a straight ten steps. No wonder that when we place her in her walker, she would insist on walking without it and hold our hands instead to guide her in her steps. Lately, J. and I noticed that she wants to walk by holding only one of our hands… I know boys her age usually walk earlier, so I was expecting that she might walk by a year and two months the earliest… But this was a a very pleasant surprise and a feat for a girl who would turn one year old late next week. J. congratulated Danielle over the phone and I am just so happy for the little girl!

Isn’t parenthood great?

When I had no family of my own yet, I was wishing that my child would be this and that…. but now that I’m a parent, all I wish for her is she would have a very happy childhood and when she grows up, she would say that her Mom and Papa gave her not only a house but a home where she can always return to and feel loved…

Danielle “reading” Mommy’s card

p.s.  I still have no picture of Danielle capturing her “walk” but I’ll leave you a picture of her “reading” Mommy’s card.

3 thoughts on “Danielle’s First Steps

  1. Bin, baby boys develop a little bit later than baby girls. Pristine walked before turning one while all of my brothers and my nephew walked at least at 15 months.

    Anyhow, congrats to Danielle’s first steps in life!

  2. Hello grace,

    thanks! I’m excited that she can walk but at the same time apprehensive because this is the start of the “chasing” and the “running.” May gani babae ni- dili lalaki! hehehe… Never knew that most boys walk at a later age than girls. I think it was designed most of the time that way so that moms of boys would have some ampful time before the actual chasing. Panukad daan… Yes, I remembered pristine when you visited CDO when she was still one year old. She walks so fast! Advance kaayo na little girl maski sa pag-lakaw.

    Hello bing,

    Thanks for the post… Yeah, grace informed me that it was the same experience with her younger brothers. Girls walk earlier than boys. At least- they are not as active as boys in the walking department! kay maniwang giyod ang mga mama og sakto pag lalaki, hehehe.

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