It’s been ages since I saw a movie! The last time was when I was on my second trimester with Danielle- my hubby and I watched Poseidon. After Titanic, I thought a ship wreck survival saga could not meet Titanic’s huge box office hit- and I was right. Poseidon was not in the category of Titanic’s earnings(by the way, I am not a huge fan of Titanic)- but it was a good enough movie.

So, here’s a list of movies I missed in the wide screen and will be watching on DVD at home:

1.  Spiderman 3 (saw parts 1 and 2)

2.  Pursuit of Happyness (I’ve read very good reviews on this movie and has been dying to see it on the silverscreen- but didn’t because I don’t want to leave danielle in favor of movies)

3.   Shrek 3 (just for laughs/entertainment value and nothing else)

4.   can’t remember anymore movies that I’d want to see…. which is a simple reminder that I’m beginning to dethrone myself as the movie queen/buff/fanatic/etc.etc.etc.

Before settling down, I love to watch movies! If all titles showing in a particular week are worth viewing, I watch all of them! A far cry from what I am today- “movie-less” for a year.

So this brings me to my personal list of 10 best movies:

1.   Patch Adams – I am a certified Robin Williams fan. Most of his movies are heartwarming, inspiring, candid and will surely give you a good dose of laughter. Patch Adams was no exception. Made me cry.

2.   Awakenings-   This was played by Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. I find the movie moving and inspiring- also made me cry.

3.   Little Mermaid- I was 14 when I first saw the movie on VHS. Watched it 14 times the first two days I saw it! I even have the piano score sheets of Sebastian’s Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl and Ariel’s Part of Your World. I hated Ursula when she disguised herself as a human beguiling Eric with her (actually Ariel’s voice) enchanting voice. When she transformed King Triton to a minute sea creature, I can’t help feeling so bad for the king… I loved this movie because of its family values taught in a manner where kids don’t feel being sermoned to.

4.   Shine- This is a story of a pianist who suffered some degree of mental illness because of his father’s expectations. In the end, the story was about human triumph and forgiveness.

5.   Mr. Holland’s Opus- Great movie, great actors, great story! This story from the heart will strike a resonant chord to all those who believed teaching is their calling. I just love this movie.

6.   Snow Falling on Cedars- Personally, I think this is Ethan Hawke’s best movie to date. The story line is impeccable! It bridges racism, doubt and suspicion against a backdrop of a long-ago never-meant to be love story.

7.    Amadeus- Setting aside the oscar awards this movie garnered, I found this movie powerful, grandiose with the main actor, by all means, rightfully deserving his oscars! Beautiful movie!

8.    Hero-   Set during the height of China’s dynasties- this movie will take you in to the magnificent sites of Asia (thanks to Hero’s cinematography) coupled with a story full of timely lessons for today’s world.

9.    Wedding Singer- The main reason why I love this movie is because of Adam Sandler’s song- simple and very profound.

10.   Tootsie- Shown in early 80s, this will show us a young Dustin Hoffman and a gorgeous Jessica Lange. I was laughing so hard when I first saw this film. Great comedy! 

So, what’s your favorite movies?


4 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Bin, so sorry I missed out on reading your blog!! I thought you were not updating at all. Plus I forgot to add you in my bloglines!! My bad!

    My favorite movie has always been The Count of Monte Cristo starring Jim Caviziel. You should see it. There are many actually, this is just the one that came to my mind right away.

  2. Hello grace,

    I did watch Count of Monte Cristo but was planning on reading the book too (they say that movies based on books don’t usually give justice to the book). It was a good movie with a very good story. I like heroes who are beaten by fate in the first part of the story and rose up to become great. By the way, Jim Caviziel is a hunk- he became extremely popular after becoming the Count.

  3. Hello bing,

    Believe it or not- I never watched ANY of the Harry Potter movies nor read any of its books. I know I must be the only person around who hasn’t experienced what is touted as the best series this century! They say it is at par with Dickens work (I’ve read a number of Dickens classics- and they are exhaustive, in-depth analysis of the issues in his age- I doubt if J.K. Rowling did just that in her Harry Potter series). Anyways, to settle the issue- I might as well begin reading Harry Potter soon.

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