Growing antics

My little girl is almost turning one in two weeks and her antics are growing by the minute. Just recently, she pushed her walker to my work bag and fished out a manila envelope- she was about to pull out the papers and start scattering them when I called her. She seems to understand that she has been caught redhanded because she did not continue pulling out the papers except for the manila envelope she is clining to right now (and plans on eating!).

At 11 months, she can follow simple instructions like pushing the play button of her musical toy, or putting her play blocks back to its container. However, she still cannot fully understand the concept of ‘no.’ “Danielle, don’t touch that” or ” Danielle, no- you are not allowed to go there” phrases from me are usually met by blank stares. While it might be understandable for her age, I try to let her understand why she can’t touch certain things or go near the door by simply explaining things to her. Then, I steer her to other safe activities instead. It works most of the time…

So- I would be expecting that when she gets to talk and walk, it would become more challenging! But I’m glad I have blogs from parents who give wonderful insights now and then (you should visit ‘the new parent’ site-its unique because it comes from a Daddy’s point of view and at the same time very informative and candid!)

4 thoughts on “Growing antics

  1. I am reading the blog of New Parent too, how wonderful for a daddy…
    Yes, it will be more challenging when she learns to walk…and a great exercise for mothers too. At that age, my girl simply understands and so girlie girl, she moved smoothly. But with my two boys, so tiring…you have to follow their every steps and watch their every moves, tiring but it’s fun.

  2. Hello bing,

    I grew up in a large family and I have 5 younger brothers. I saw them grew up and it’s a wonder how my mom survived it all! They literally jump from roofs, climb over fences, fell off from tress- have bruises and cuts (some so large that they needed to be stitched by doctors)… I wonder how I would fare as a mom if I’ll give birth to a boy (sometime in the future)!

    Yes- my little girl wants to walk (with my aid) and walk- it’s so tiring, but is really a good exercise for us 🙂

    Thank you bing for dropping by and writing comments for me- I really appreciate this… Can I link your blogsite to mine? thanks!

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