Looong Absence!

I’ve always kept journals since I was 11 years old. Believe it or not, I write every single day! I write about anything and everything under the sun that an 11 year old girl finds interesting….And oh, I have pages too of carton drawings of Mickey Mouse complete with multiple little hearts surrounding Minnie’s love interest! Was I in-love with Mickey Mouse??? I thought I loved Donald Duck over him until I saw those pages. Looking back, things that caught my fancy were really trivial after-all. A narration of what I did the entire day, stickers and stationaries I collected and then even stories of long-time forgotten crushes!

Now, I still keep journals but the entries are sporadic just like my blogs. More than two weeks of not writing anything- I wonder if cobwebs are just around the corner…

So what have I been up to the past two weeks? well-nothing in particular. Just back to work (part-time) and mostly taking care of my little daughter who is almost turning one in the last week of this month. Can’t believe how time flies by so quickly!  My daughter is growing up and changing her habits fast…For example-because she is sleeping with us, I would wake up at the middle of the night to giver her bottled milk (with hubby preparing the milk)while she would snuggle close by. At least, she doesn’t cry anymore and want to be cuddled before sleeping back. Instead, she would hug me before going back to sleep and in the morning- get greeted by a sunny smiling face. My hubby comments that we have a “natural” alarm clock in our midst because she wakes up earlier than we do. Hmmm, everyday with the little girl is just a joy… 

So, to end this entry, here’s a little promise: more entries in the coming days!


3 thoughts on “Looong Absence!

  1. Hello bing,

    This is a wonderful surprise- thanks for reading my entries. Yes, I’d write more now and shake off the lazy bug (smiles)

  2. Yeah you were the journal queen before! I remember that. I try to write whenever I can. This is my passion and calling..hahaha! I wonder why I ever get to take engineering in college! LOL

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