Sleepless Nights- No More!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been weaning my little girl from breastfeeding due to medical reasons. The first three days was really terrible! Danielle would throw away her feeding bottle and drink only one ounce then cry literally through the night. J is very supportive because he cuddles danielle until the little girl could sleep. During the day, we would mix her milk formula with her baby food so she would not be deprived of the necessary nutrient.

It was really difficult- we would go to work with little sleep in the night. We were just very happy when on the third day, she began to drink more than one ounce from her bottle (she wouldn’t even drink her milk from a cup during the first two days). Today, she drinks well, wakes up twice to ask for milk and sleeps back through the night.

Now, we could breath a sigh of relief…. 


5 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights- No More!

  1. Hi–isn’t the word parent synonymous with “lack of sleep”? Many times there’s a rough period when changing routines with little ones. If only thye could get with the program immediately (smile).

    Glad to hear it’s ironing out.

  2. Hi TNP!

    Hehehe, you are absolutely right! When danielle was a month old to two months, I would stay up the whole night holding and singing lullabies. I wondered how i survived that… Last month, she was back to staying awake (and crying) the whole night through. Glad that changed (for now)…

  3. Hello bing,

    Yes, it’s really sad that I can’t be with my daughter 24/7. That is why when I decided to return to the workforce, I opted to be employed part time (14 hours a week) so I can spend more time with my little daughter during her formative years… It’s really difficult leaving her to a baby sitter…. Thanks bing for dropping by 🙂

  4. I had a hard time weaning Pristine 2 years ago. She does not have any formula milk or feeding bottles, completely detests the rubber nipple!
    Parenting is tough but things get better everytime.

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