Separation Anxiety

After discussing things seriously with my husband, we agreed that I can go back to work provided that I do it part-time. I applied at one of the University in the city two weeks ago and I was hired last friday. Yes, I am happy that I could be connected once again to an institution… However, I knew that if Danielle could talk, she would not agree on my leaving her with a baby sitter a few times a week.

We hired a baby sitter while I am attending the week long orientation seminar for new faculty members and felt so sad for Danielle. When classes start next week, I won’t be away for extended periods and will be at her side most of the time.  My baby is quite active, animated, “talkative” and very responsive but could be fussy at times. I’m afraid that when she gets fussy, her baby sitter might scream at her to keep her quiet (which was the case last saturday when we left her to our hired help- J. was around to witness the event). To me, it is unforgivable if you pay someone to take care of your child for a short period and found out later on that she shouts at your baby… J. and I never raise our voices to Danielle and we intend to raise her without increasing the decibel of our voices to make a point or to teach her. I love my daughter very much enough to decide early on that gearing her to the right direction and equipping her with the right skills to succeed in life entails that we would exercise a lot of patience when we teach her.

Her baby sitter now has a school age child and I’m convinced that she is the right one for the job. At least I don’t worry anymore when I am away.


2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Hi D–nice post! We have had to use sitters since my little one was 14 months. We established at the start that the sitters must be able to follow directions and know what the limitations are. If that is in place, there’s a good chance the sitter will do a good job.

    Good luck at your new job!

  2. Hello new parent,

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by… Yes, you are absolutely right. This time, we laid the rules and our expectations to our new baby sitter and it seems that we are having no problems now. Danielle is her usual self when we come home from work. Thanks! 🙂

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