Rustic Living

Three saturdays ago, we went to a 30-minute drive resort from home… The waters were so cold and inviting yet we didn’t took a dip. Instead, we were content to watch kids frolicking under the shade of the trees and diving in the waters. I took my daughter and sat on a big rock and let her see the kids swimming. She stared at them for a long time and momentarily I thought she also wants to dive too!

On our way home, I can’t help but take a picture of the wonderful vista…I told my hubby that when we grow old and gray, I’d want to retire and live in the countryside. ..

                        dsc03400.jpg             dsc03401.jpg 


2 thoughts on “Rustic Living

  1. Hi TNP,

    thanks for dropping by :-)… you are right- it do make life better! There is fresh air and nature and more of nature…

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