Who doesn’t love birthdays?

I love birthdays! When I was younger, I would eagerly wait for D-day: You wake up in the morning, your mom and papa and siblings greet and shower you with kisses. You go to school and is greeted by classmates and friends and get teased to treat them to a birthday blow-out. I love celebrating birthdays. I still do and everytime I add another year in my life- I pray and give thanks for all that I am blessed….

Tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday. Will there be a birthday party? nope- just me and danielle and him celebrating quietly in a dinner at a restaurant of my (not his! hehehe) choice! so what would it be? hmmm… I’d want a barbecued ultra juicy (only in Bacolod) chicken with its aroma wafting around the resto at Aida’s. But a dinner at Imays would also do. They have sizzling lemoned marinated malasug-i (fish); crispy pata that is ultra crispy; brewing hot sinigang; crispy and juicy kalamaris; tempting desserts and etcetera…


5 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. A silent reader here…i love b-days too…since i was small they always celebrate my b-day, well, who can not remember the date??? It’s Valentines day…anyways…that’s not my point…ur post makes me hungry of Filipino food…the malasugui, crispy pata…yummy!!!! Hope i could eat that all when i am there in the Philippines…probably i will. Nice blog…continue.

  2. Hello bing 🙂

    Thank you for dropping by and taking some time to read my blog. I really appreciate it…

    Oh, so you celebrate your b-day on the V-day! When I came here to follow my husband on his assignment- I was amazed by the number of restaurants in the city. I really believe that Ilonggos have magical hands when it comes to cooking! You should taste their sumptous mouthwatering delicacies! Everything is just a feast for the eyes and the palate.

  3. Hi–I love to celebrate my little one’s b-day, but my own–well, I think I prefer seeing others smile. It’s nice to go to a special place and soak up the ambience on that special day.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Hello new parent,

    I really appreciate your comments on my blogs… My husband is not a birthday “celebrator.” He prefers to celebrate his birthdays quietly while I am the opposite! I love birthdays and spend it with many people as possible ( not extravagantly though)… But when it comes to my daughter, I’d want to spend her birthdays with other children so that she can store up wonderful memories on her special day. Birthdays that are not lavish- just simple ones 🙂

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