Off to Dumaguete

Last week, My daughter and I tagged along with Joseph in his working travel to Dumaguete. I absolutely love the place! It’s quiet, peaceful and very clean. At the heart of the small city is a premier Philippine school- Silliman University. There is virtually no traffic with very clean air. Just at the port of the city is a long boulevard where anyone could jog or stroll around.

 Everytime we would travel, I would always look towards the sea and enjoy the serene “untouched” beaches. Below is a picture I took on our way to Dumaguete ( around 80 km before the city). It must have been around two in the afternoon. Unlike our previous travels, there were no fierce afternoon winds. Just stillness with the clouds reflected on the surface of the beach. If you would notice the beach looks like a huge lake! The island across the sea is Cebu.

 dsc03341.jpg    dsc03342.jpg                                        

  I also shot the road. Luckily there were few travelers, so I had the luxury of snapping a “deserted” road.



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