The Heat is On II

With barely 11 days before election, the candidates are pouring in everything in the last leg of the campaign period- money for media advertising, campaign sorties from Aparri to Jolo ( with the latter, not trodden by most if not all for fear of being kidnapped by bandits), announcements of their impressive records, and even slapsticks for their opponents. I wonder if they would have the same vigor in wooing voters as they would in fulfilling their promises. I have my fingers crossed and hope that worthy candidates who would sacrfice personal agenda with what is best for the country win.

 I can only name a handful who doesn’t run for power, selfishness and hidden agenda mainly because the stage for these politicians are overflowing with balimbings and destablizers of the government, and ambitious actors who presume that being a senator, mayor, governer, congressman is the same as “acting” for a play or movie.

How can I vote for a lady senatoriable when at the height of Estrada impeachment, she unabashedly cried when the Senate President ( another balimbing) resigned because the white envelope that would reveal if Estrada was lying or not could not be opened because the senators in favor of Estrada are too many compared to these Lady senatoriable’s comrades. I once idolized this once-senator because I thought she stood for integrity, principle and service with no expectations of something in return. But sadly, that was erased when I saw her running for vice president of the whole nation in the last presidential election under the banner of FPJ- the bestfriend, compare, and confidante of Pres. Estrada.  How could she abandon ship and ride on another that she thinks would have a fare chance in the elections? Her act was synonymous to abandoning her beliefs.

Then there are the actors who are led to believe that they have the qualifications to run for the senate. Can you imagine hiring a CEO of a big company who doesn’t have at least 10 years leadership experience, long-time financial success, great education, an MBA, good interpersonal skills, driven, can work well with people? Why can’t we expect the same achievements for our senators, congressmen, mayors and president? Why,- do we lack these kind of people in our midst? Well, that would be a big fallacy if we claim we don’t have people with these kind of caliber. 

I believe that it would not be difficult to see candidates who have these qualifications. They are there ( the good men and women)- waiting for us, for you and me to vote for them. I hope we can choose honest politicians who would be worthy of our one vote.


One thought on “The Heat is On II

  1. Goodluck with your precious vote!! The Philippine embassy here says Filipinos can vote here in the UAE. I am not voting bec I’m not holding the RP passport anymore but when I still had it, I didn’t vote anyway. If the votes are being corrupted back home, what more here abroad?

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